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Here are some quick review videos for MAE 113.

Derivative Rules

Applications of the Derivative


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This is a BBC video from 1986 on the development of calculus. For those that are interested in history, the presenter is looking at the original notes of Leibniz while he was developing calculus. He formalized the rules of differentiation within a 3 week timeframe.

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So begins another school year, and the Basic Discrete Mathematics course is in full swing. This Monty Python clip is almost mandatory viewing for a logic course. It’s a twist on the classic comedic sketch: a man walks into a shop and wants something strange—this time it’s an argument.

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This is a beautiful video from 3blue1brown. He shows a connection between measure theory (a topic studied in mathematical analysis), and music. Have a look.

I even got a chance to email him to ask about how he does his animations. It was clear that he used LaTeX to typeset his equations, but he told me that the animations are done using a Python script he developed. He has posted his code on his gitHub account. The animation results are so impressive, it’s tempting me to pick up and learn Python just so that I can do this.

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I have a real interest in artificial intelligence and in particular, I like working on the ideas that govern self-learning or autonomous learning. [This can be a difficult idea to express to people as I have tried before, and I only see confused faces after I’m done talking.] It’s trying to come up with algorithms that would allow an agent to change internal parameters or settings so that, through experience, they can get better (or learn) at performing a task.

This is an interesting clip (from 4 years ago!) that shows autonomously learning robots.  They are learning to control their own bodies and developing their own language. Hopefully, this better explains this idea better than I could.

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