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I have been writing a couple of presentations in Beamer. Because I am so used to working in LaTeX now, it’s very frustrating to have to switch back to a Microsoft product such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

Slowly, I’m learning tricks to make my Beamer presentations more dynamic by revealing or hiding bullets or parts of a figure.

I wish I had found this post, How To Make a Presentation with Beamer, sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time!

The most useful tip for me was the \onslide command.

\onslide<4->{ content }  This will reveal the content from slide 4 onwards.

\onslide<2-4>{ content }  This will reveal the content only on slides 2 to 4.

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This is a beautiful video from 3blue1brown. He shows a connection between measure theory (a topic studied in mathematical analysis), and music. Have a look.

I even got a chance to email him to ask about how he does his animations. It was clear that he used LaTeX to typeset his equations, but he told me that the animations are done using a Python script he developed. He has posted his code on his gitHub account. The animation results are so impressive, it’s tempting me to pick up and learn Python just so that I can do this.

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