Basic Discrete Mathematics

World Scientific Publishing published my first book on discrete mathematics for the humanities. It focuses on logic, set theory, and probability.

“Written with clarity, humor and relevant real-world examples, Basic Discrete Mathematics is a wonderful introduction to discrete mathematical reasoning.”
—Arthur Benjamin, author of The Magic of Math

Preview from the publisher

It is available from,,, and directly from the publisher.


“It is an excellent general basic textbook in Discrete Mathematics and Probability. This book’s raison d’être is to provide a hands-on textbook with enough pictures and diagrams to appeal to visual learners and make logic, set theory and probability more accessible. … In summary, this book would be a welcome study for someone who is interested in the mathematical concepts of set theory, logic and probability. It is both entertaining and informative, while still keeping sufficient mathematical rigor.” — Chris Parkes,
University of Derby, in the London Mathematical Society Newsletter.


Videos of some of the exercises have been uploaded to Youtube. Click here to see the playlists.

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