I have a real interest in artificial intelligence and in particular, I like working on the ideas that govern self-learning or autonomous learning. [This can be a difficult idea to express to people as I have tried before, and I only see confused faces after I’m done talking.] It’s trying to come up with algorithms that would allow an agent to change internal parameters or settings so that, through experience, they can get better (or learn) at performing a task.

This is an interesting clip (from 4 years ago!) that shows autonomously learning robots.  They are learning to control their own bodies and developing their own language. Hopefully, this better explains this idea better than I could.

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Waiting for the elevator

I have been putting some serious time into research this week, and in order to avoid the curse of knowledge, I have to come up with some clever examples. One of the examples I was working was that of a passenger waiting for an elevator. The passenger has the information of which floor the elevator is on by the floor-indicator (what really is the name for that thing?). As I was sketching the solution, I started to sketch a drawing to go along with it. Sometimes a picture is worth at least fifty words.

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This is where I collect all of my blunders, flaws, fallacies, miscalculations, inaccuracies, and other miscellaneous grammatical and mathematical howlers in Basic Discrete Mathematics. The name of the person who found the erratum is listed at the end. RK is me.

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