Taking Notes in Emacs Org-mode

These are my notes from the YouTube video below about using Org-mode in Emacs.

  • To create a bullet point: Alt-Enter
  • To make a sub-topic: Alt-Enter, Alt-Right arrow
  • You can move a (sub-)topic up or down the list: Alt-Up arrow; Alt-Down arrow
  • To mark an item as TODO: Shift-Right arrow
    • To mark item as DONE: hit Shift-Right arrow again
  • To unmark an item TODO: Shift-Left arrow
  • To create a check box: Type – [ ]
    • You can mark the check box: Ctrl-C Ctrl-C
    • In the main item, type [/] and then Ctrl-C Ctrl-C.  It will now show the fraction of checkboxes marked.
    • Alternatively, type [%] and then Ctrl-C Ctrl-C. It will now show the percentage of checkboxes marked.
  • Set a deadline: Ctrl-C Ctrl-D.
  • Creating tags for item: Ctrl-C Ctrl-C
  • Hide content of an item: Tab
  • Shift-Tab will cycle through the different levels of indentation

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